Social Action Poster Project

For this project, I chose to illustrate “30 Shocking Domestic Violence Statistics That Remind Us It’s an Epidemic.” The published illustrations for this article do little justice to the serious content and a majority of the illustrations are the exact statistics taken from the article in a different font on a cement grey background. In converting the article into poster format for project 3, I chose to illustrate the severity of domestic violence by keeping my posters simple by using only black and white images and text. I took graphic images from pixabay, rendered them in Photoshop and created another layer where I was able to trace the physical features down to their minimalist elements. My posters consist of the graphic, which is meant to be the focal point in which to draw the viewer in, where their eye will be led to the bottom of the page which has graphic information regarding this topic. Because of the very serious nature of the content, I tried overall to keep the elements simplistic and dark, yet while also highlighting the startling statistics of female domestic violence.