Songs to Cake Your Face to…

When you’re putting on your makeup, you’re probably getting ready for the day or getting ready to go out at night…


Either way, it’s time to pump you up in a way that makes you excited for life to happen!

Here are some songs that I’ve been *utterly obsessed* with lately and feel like they could really get you looking forward to the day. xxoo

Paris // Chainsmokers

This is 100% a song that will make you look forward to life and exploring new opportunities with the people you’re closest too. The song gets pretty upbeat towards the end though, however it’s totally *morning* appropriate as your eyes are adjusting to the sunlight. “Let’s show them we are better” is also a great line to hear as you’re decorating your canvas.

Good Thing // JoJo

“Baby, that’s the way a feel / like a million dollar bill,” JoJo basically kills it straight away and kicks it off with a rockin’ beat and a steady up tempo for 3:30. Ah-mazing song if you’re running late and need a beat to speed you up or if it’s a Saturday night and you’re getting ready with your *besties*

All Night // The Vamps, Matoma

If you just listen to the beat of this song, you’ll feel like you’re in “fast forward mode” of your own YouTube tutorial. Sure thing to speed up your morning routine.

Shout Out to My Ex // Little Mix

Oh my dear sweet potatoes, this song is gold. It’s all about living your life and how heartbreak “made me who I am” and how you’re “all the way up” and now no one will ever “bring you down.” Little Mix is crazy empowering (hello Edwards and Malik breakup ??) and will make you feel 110% fierce, we should also listen to it once before we walk out the door and take on the day.

Call on Me (Ryan Riback Remix) // Starley, Ryan Riback

Have you ever hear something on the radio and just thought “wow that’s a feel good song”? This is probably that song 10/10. If you need some kind of positive boost in the morning, play this once in the shower, twice getting ready and three times while you’re on the commute. Or on the weekends before you paint the town with your friends. To each their own.

Cool Girl // Tove Lo

Lowkey highkey infatuated with Tove Lo. Secretly, we all kind of want to be a free spirited Cool Girl like Tove Lo. With my new hair extensions, I’m halfway there right ?? Wrong. But this song will make you feel like you are a Cool Girl, “imma imma cool girl.” Close enough, amirite? Now go out and take on the world.

All Night (ft. Knox Fortune) // Chance the Rapper, Knox Fortune

You can’t really tell what Chance is saying, and you don’t really know if it makes any sense.. but he tells you to start dancing and when this comes on, you really have no choice. It’s like a feel good song but better. “Start dancin’.” And when it’s over, you’ll question its length: it’s 2:21.

24K Magic // Bruno Mars


Lot to Learn // Luke Christopher

“I still gotta s*** to learn, I’ll admit it,” aside from the small expletive, this a great morning song. “You see the stars, they just see the skies.” Uplifting in a way that makes you feel more than okay with making mistakes in your life. Mess up today and learn from it, you got this.

Side to Side // Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

Are you that surprised? It’s like you hardly know me…


All of these songs are featured on my HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNI playlist on Spotify, feel free to follow me and check it out!

Happy listening, xxoo

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