Songs to Take You Back to 2001

So, I’m turning 21…

I was born in the late 90’s (millennial life) so why not throw it back on such a special occasion?

And to be completely honest, I just wanted to create a playlist full of GREAT songs that are #timeless. In my mind, I just kept thinking of that moment in the first couple seconds of a songs, and then when you recognize exactly what song it is and everyone gets overly excited because it’s one of those songs. Those songs that everyone can jam out to, regardless of who you usually rock out to. And I wanted to create a playlist that was just a huge compilation of feel good music from the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Here are some songs for your inner 5 year old to jam out to:


Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) -Radio Edit // The Backstreet Boys

When I was an actual toddler, I ran around my grandma’s house singing just about every song from Black and Blue and Millennium while watching their tour video on VHS. VHS. VHS. on repeat.

Semi-Charmed Life // Third Eye Blind

I am not a monster so I will not ruin this cheerful, upbeat song for you. 100% this song should not have been on the radio or been as popular as it was. Just look up the lyrics or read the text on those Spotify session. Truly NSFW.

AllStar // Smash Mouth

I used to cry when my mom played Smash Mouth because I thought they were going to come… and smash us in the mouth… I don’t know. And Shrek.

Pop // *NSYNC

Ugh, back when poor Justin’s hair looked like burnt Top Ramen. TBT. I feel like this song was on a soundtrack for some Nickelodeon movie, but I could be totally wrong. For some reason, I know all the words, including the sounds of the breakdown. Please don’t ask me why.

The Anthem // Good Charlotte

Actually an anthem. Listen to this when you’re older because it will resonate with you on a whole other level.

Let Me Blow Your Mind // Eve, Gwen Stefani

Every time I hear this song, I think of Monica giving Chandler a strip tease in The One With The Stripper.

Hypnotize // The Notorious B.I.G

This is the song that plays when Cat is dancing on the table at the house party during 10 Things I Hate About You and my mom bought the soundtrack for this song specifically. This song wasn’t even on the soundtrack. Oops.

This is How We Do It // Montell Jordan

My absolute favorite party song in the whole word. I have been waiting for my own party so that I can play this song as many times as I want to.


I’m sure you made down here and that most of these songs will be ringing in your head tomorrow. To ease you into my *birthday week* and get you excited for the weekend, you can find all of these songs I’ve mentioned & more on my hey i’m 21 playlist on Spotify ! xo

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