Rebranding Project

For my first Project, I was assigned an imaginary client who was looking to “revamp” their business and become “more competitive with a young, urban demographic.” Being that the client has no previous experience with design, the opportunity was open to go in any design direction in order to break into the new customer base.

In order to to appeal to the millennial and young adult demographic who just so happens to be the generation most likely to swear at work (Mosendz), I added an element of irony and satire through the use of every situations and issue as our menu item names. In another twist in comparison to the usual “perky” and “happy” coffee shop, Not Today understands that not everyday is going to be “bright and shining,” but that the reason you’re drinking coffee may stem from some not so great life occurrence, or to keep your eyelids open after an all nighter before finals. In addition, Not Today would be the only coffee shop in the Philadelphia area to have a liquor license in order to add to the “opposite coffee shop” kind of feel.

For the brand, I used subdued colors such as #dfdfdf, #b4987 and a millennial pink: #EACEE4 with elements of burlap and lace dollies as they kind of contradict with the harsh language and negative situations. I chose the ‘millennial pink’ because it’s a popular color within the younger demographics. We felt that our target audience could be anyone who is a young adult: the lighter, delicate feel may appeal to Instagramming girls whereas the harsh menu items may appeal to the men who don’t want to taint their ego.