Touring the Margins

Women’s History in Philadelphia


“Touring the Margins” is a hypothetical project funded by the City of Philadelphia Tourism Office. Choose a marginalized or fringe area of Philadelphia history [I chose Women’s History in Philadelphia]. Create at least three screen prototypes for a smartphone app designed to make the history interactive in some way. It could be navigational, informational, visual (like a digital gallery) or all three.


In the idea of the app and its unique faces, I took inspiration from Uber and images from Google Maps. MarchMaps is your guide to women’s history in the Philadelphia area and will be guiding you through a walking tour that is a simulated march like the Women’s March from this past January and the Million Women March in 1997. The app faces are centered around a dusty pink color (#D592A6) and white, with the universal gender symbol for female at the top of each face, further enforcing that this is a Feminist History march. The app is self guided and simple to navigate, with an easy start button, simple information panel in the top left corner and accessible to all with it’s audio and transcript button.