How to Be Organized


Don’t get organized. Don’t be boring. Don’t become complacent.

Be messy. Be honest. Be inquisitive. Be unapologetically you.

I’ve been on this earth for about 20 years and for most of those moments in those years, I haven’t totally maintained any sort of order whatsoever in my life.

Fun fact but not surprising: I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m starting to kind of like it that way.

Don’t get me wrong, I [would like to] think that I have a little bit of structure in my life. And I definitely have some kind of plan *get involved in causes and organizations I’m passionate about, submit my assignments on time, find what else interests me in the world, graduate from college [hopefully with some honors], and find a career that makes me excited to work everyday* Easy enough.

But in coming to college, and especially this year, I have learned that I love to make my own mistakes. Sure, I hate that pit I get in my stomach when I figure out that hey this isn’t right but I’ve began to learn that these mistakes are molding me into the woman that I was meant to be. And these mistakes are helping me grow as person and that I wouldn’t be making these mistakes {and growing} without making a mess first. I love learning and growing from these opportunities that could possibly become negative but finding a way to turn them positive. I have found that by making these mistakes and being unorganized, it lets me be more me.

I love living in color and not knowing where life’s going. I like creating a mess only to rectify it. It’s like a constant game with yourself. How can we fix this? What can I do? It’s hide-and-seek 24/7.

Through living in my mess, I’ve learned that I love being honest. I love speaking my mind and talking about my feelings, opinions and views even though I might be wrong or the feelings might not be reciprocated. I’m more than satisfied with my jumbled thoughts and the fact that I can’t even sort through them half the time because this means that I’m thinking and my thoughts are always changing. Ain’t that something?

I’ll probably never be on time for anything, and I’m sorry about that, but I promise I’ll get it right. I think that in a mess of unorganization that you find yourself and you learn more about yourself than you would have if life’s events went along smoothly. Where’s the fun in that?

Okay, so maybe don’t be organized? Idk, I could be wrong. xo

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