I Promise, You Can’t Guess My Favorite Band

This is easily my favorite “fun fact” about myself.

I’m telling you, you really will never in a million years be able to guess my favorite band.

Also, this is a slightly longer post that usual. Whoops.

As a former pageant girl, current sorority woman, and ultimately probably the girliest girl obsessed with makeup that you’ll ever see, people usually expect me to say someone on the radio or a band that is *soooo popular.* BUT it’s not One Direction, the 1975, Backstreet Boys or someone that I would listen to while I apply my lip gloss [though I do have a soft spot in my heart for all of them]. I absolutely love, would die if I couldn’t listen to them, cry if I never saw them, am utterly obsessed with a band that I hardly ever hear on the radio and rarely ever hear about in the news.

Unless I’m walking past Hot Topic.

I have loved Pierce the Veil since I discovered them during my *PHASE* in 6th grade. Think Hot Topic, Zumiez, black and white plaid skinny jeans, jelly bracelets, black eyeliner. Oh, it was a time.

Yes, Pierce the Veil. The kind of American rock/Alternative band from San Diego. They’re signed to Fearless Records and have four Alternative Press Music Awards, two Kerrang! Awards, and a Revolver Golden Gods Award. They even headlined Warped Tour in 2015 [you know, like Vans], so maybe you’ve heard of them if you’re at all into my genre. On their info page of their website, they describe their sound and success in the industry as “an unshakable devotion to making honest and hypnotic hard rock.”

Be still my beating heart.

Not only have I had the opportunity to stand in their presence once, but I’ve been there twice. The first time I saw them was just after their release of Collide with the Sky (their third album) at Warped Tour in 2012. I stood in line in the blaaaaazing sun for an hour just to shake their hands, have them sign my album cover and have my friend’s mom take a picture of me meeting them while I shook at the knees and my stomach fell to the floor. I thought it was the best day ever.

That is until my 18th birthday when Pierce the Veil came to my home state while they were on tour in 2014. How many people can say they saw their favorite band on the day they entered adulthood? Probably not many. I crowd surfed and cried while they sang happy birthday because of course, their opening band was Sleeping with Sirens whose drummer just also happens to be born on the same day as me. SO yeah. Pretty cool. And then after the concert, as luck would have it, we were able to meet the bands!!!! Myself, my mom (I was 18 guys not 28) and my friend stood outside the venue while they loaded up their tour buses. Sleeping with Sirens (Kellin Quinn!!!!) walked past us and said hello. Cue swoons. And then Pierce the Veil came out of their tour bus at [2AM] and took pictures with us outside, gave us hugggggs and signed the back cover of my Collide with the Sky album. I was so happy I could throw up.

The reason this band stood the test of time [and I didn’t outgrow them along with my Chuck Taylors and side bangs] is because as cliche as this is: their music speaks to me. Yes, it’s rock and slightly alternative and somewhat ‘screamo’ but it is honestly the most comforting kind of music for me. I suppose it’s because I was in a bad way in 6th grade when I first heard them. Middle school was a rough time for me and I connected with their early music, isolated, angry, kind of like me. “One million branches and she loves every one. Mom and Dad. Did you search for me? I’ve been up here so long, I’m going crazy.” They gave me a feeling like I wasn’t alone in the world. They gave me comfort in knowing that I wasn’t alone in feeling overwhelmed with life. And their music has only evolved and become more complex as they’ve developed, thoughtful, open, still kind of angsty, kind of like me. Their music cools me down and hypes me up and gets me excited to live greater and do more. I could go on and on, totally unprofessionally and losing all of your attention, about how much I love their music but I won’t. Just listen for yourself.

I honestly doubt I will ever have a better birthday than the night I met my heroes.

I apologize for writing such a fan girl post. But, can you blame me? It’s my favorite band. xo

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