Miss WB/S: What’s Your Platform?

*Pageant Platform : A platform is the cause or organization a contestant promotes through her title and involvement with the pageant.


In my own words, a platform is something that you feel strongly about advocating for (or against!) or a cause that’s close to your heart!

For me, as mentioned in my initial post, my platform is dedicated to supporting and encouraging young men and women to follow their career and college aspirations. Through creating a supportive peer-to-peer network, seeking guidance and mentorship, and the mentality that you can create your own opportunities, I believe it’s possible to pursue any dream you have.

From my own personal perspective, I come from a very small town and was completely unaware of what opportunities were out in the world for me. I ultimately applied to (and was accepted in!) a highly competitive internship program, where I knew I wasn’t technically qualified for… In an industry where I had no prior connections, whereas many of my peers in this program had personal connections. It was my willingness to learn what I didn’t know and my confidence in the skills I had which ultimately set me apart from other candidates and allowed me the opportunity intern with an incredible company. This opportunity brought challenges that I initially thought I wasn’t equipped for, but allowed me to grow in my professional and personal life, as well as allowed me to build a professional network in this industry. All of these incredible experiences and new opportunities that came from a small town girl creating her own opportunity through only the skills that she had.

This is why I decided to title my platform: My Own. At its core, My Own is a call to all young adults who feel as though they are in a situation that affects their access to resources or opportunities for educational or career advancement. With support, you can make your own opportunities now.

Regardless of where you were born, who your parents are, your race, gender, language, or socioeconomic status, our young adults should be empowered to pursue their dreams whether that be through career training or college preparation. Together, we can empower our youth to make their own opportunities now with My Own.

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