7 Songs to Make You Proud to Be a Woman

Here are a few songs *that make me feel* not only proud to be a woman, but excited to be living in a time where there are so many strong women, supporting one another, fighting for each other’s rights, and starting a movement. xxoo.

God is a woman – Ariana Grande

This is such a new song that most of you probably haven’t listened to it yet – so I won’t leave any spoilers here. But just know, you will feel empowered.


S.L.U.T – Bea Miller explicit

Do whatcha want girl. It’s not my fault if you’re scared of a Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing… do you see what she did there?



Cut To the Feeling – Carly Rae Jepsen

Yes, she’s still making feel good love songs. But this will make you want to break the ceiling, drive around with the top… she makes such “feel good” bops. Very girl power. Girl confidence. Sorry not sorry.


I Can Only – JoJo (ft. Alessia Cara)

JoJo is back a literally better than ever. She can only do what she wants to and it’s not her fault if you’re not happy about it. She can only do what she wants, so don’t hate her for it. She can only do what she wants okay!!!!!!!!


Power – Little Mix

I got the power.


Level Up – Ciara

Ciara will empower you to go out and do something to level up yourself.

Get it mama’s!


and the classic:

Man I Feel Like a Woman – Shania Twain

just because (;


Thank you my babies, xxoo

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