Songs to Break Out Your Skinny Jeans and Black Eyeliner for:

I better not be alone in my awkward middle school phase.

Please tell me that someone else out there wore sickly skintight skinny jeans (they were usually a neon color or black plaid), heavy black eyeliner (usually with no other makeup), had a plethora of “band” t shirts (extra points if they were bands that no functional person has ever heard of), and spent the day dreaming of vampires and the supernatural. No? Just me. Cool.


Well, while I was sporting this really high end fashion [wow, I am so sorry Mom & Dad], I was listening to some pretty rad music. Read: alternative/moderately screamo. Here is a playlist to channel your inner, angsty tween:


Everything I Ask For // The Maine

For that perfect guy you met at the movies that one time who texted you on your Razor for at least a whole month!!!!! Everything you could have wanted and “so much more.”


Deadly Conversation // State Champs

For your crush who just would never respond to your AIM messages, or respond to your creative “I’m away from my computer” status updates….


Diamonds and Why Men Buy Them // Pierce the Veil

From their first album. UGH. I think I first started listening to them in like 2010??? This song hits me right in the feels. My favorite band has come so far and grown so much. Proudest fan ever right here. Beware. Their sound was much more raw back then.


7AM, 2 Bottles And The Wrong Road // Johnny Craig

Beware of explicit language and innuendo, and a dark, sultry kind of mood. I love this song but I might be kind of biased because the first time I heard Johnny Craig it was on a song that he and Pierce the Veil collaborated for: “She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty.”


La La Lainey // Forever The Sickest Kids

Okay, if you didn’t listen to FTSK in Middle School… did you even go? FTSK (Forever the Sickest Kids) is the kind of band that was the bubble-gum pop version of alternative music. However many years later, their song’s are still sickeningly catchy.


Jamie All Over // Mayday Parade

Please tell me that y’all remember Mayday Parade. C’mon. How could you not? Just about every single one of their song make me want to perform on an air guitar and jump around, crying about an ex I didn’t have in seventh grade.


Death of A Bachelor // Panic! At the Disco

Oh my goodness, I loooooove this song. I can totally image a black top hat on a guy with darker eyeliner than mine. Same band, right?


We’ll Be Okay // With Confidence

“I never really wanted much, I only ever asked for flight.” This song is kind of adorable but it also kind of makes you want to start a cute little mosh pit.


All Signs Point to Lauderdale // A Day To Remember

Not that overplayed “If It Means A Lot To You” but a song that can only be described as the anthem for anyone trying to get away from their hometown and start fresh in a new city. “I hate this town, it’s so washed up…. where will I find where I fit in?”


THIS ONE’S FOR YOU // Of Mice & Men

For that friend who dated you ex that you only dated for like two weeks, but it still broke your heart. Or that friend who stopped responding on AIM, like are you kidding me? I spent ten cents on a picture message of my new haircut and you can’t even tell me it looks okay? Rude.


Motionless in White // Abigail

I remember my friend Cody (hi!) freaking out in my living room, wearing his MIW t shirt, the night their music video premiered. We had to stop all converations, people had to leave the room… it was easily the peak of my middle school years.

Fun fact: Motionless in White is from my hometown, so before they made it big, my friends and I would take pictures with their ‘tour bus’ and broken drumsticks. The early 2000’s was an interesting time.


If I didn’t already scare you away: you can find all of these songs && more on my All You Are is History playlist on Spotify (if the name is sounds familiar, it’s because it was subtly inspired by State Champs). xo xo rawrxx (;

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