Songs to Walk to Class to:

It’s nice out: sunny and 65. You might as well enjoy the walk to class.

Here are a few of my favorite ~tunes~ to jam out to on the daily commute. Just pay attention to where you’re going, xxoo.

Guys My Age // Hey Violet

I don’t know how I came across this song (I think I was stalking Zara Larrsson?), but I am so glad that I found this gem. Guys My Age really isn’t a song that you can jam out or mellow out to, and it’s not crazy upbeat, but listening to Hey Violet will reaffirm your platinum-status worth (and maturity) will make you remember that you’re a *goddess* and I think we all need that.

No Broken Hearts // Bebe Rexha, Nicki Minaj

Okay, so this is most likely a song that you can cake your face to and this song might even surprise you at the club, but either way it’s definitely a song to put some pep in your step. Especially if you’re on your way to meet someone for eggs in the mornin’. Here’s to Bebe Rexha always keeping us on our toes.

Don’t Leave // Snakeships, MØ

I just love this song so much. So I apologize if it doesn’t perfectly fit in with your morning routine, but it’s one of my current obsessions. It almost makes you happy to be a little bit of a mess? I mean, if you think about it.. MØ’s situation is kind of like my bed begging me to stay: “Don’t leave me. Shut your mind off and let your heart hear me.” Yes, I’ll miss you and I’ll be back for a nap in a few hours.

Doing It // Charlie XCX, Rita Ora

Again, this is definitely a song that you can dance to and probably best meant for a night on the town. But is dancing instead of walking really the worst thing you could be doing today? Probably not. Especially since today is a Monday, you might need a little pick me up. Work it, g.

Wicked // mansionz

OMG. Obsessed and in love with blackbear and Mike Posner (now called mansionz, I guess??). So you can take this song two ways: if you don’t listen to the lyrics and you just pay attention to the beat, it is [easily] the most upbeat, fun, feel good kind of song that you could ever want to hear. Now… On the contrary, if you listen to the lyrics and avoid the beat, it’s the story about this girl who is more or less a player and this poor guy who pines over her despite her being so *wicked* Keep your distance from her. Again. Keep your distance from me today: it’s Monday.

Stay // Zedd, Alessia Cara

“All you have to do is stay a minute. Just take your time.” Exactly my thoughts about getting out of bed. But, this up tempo, kind of techno ? beat will get you up and moving, and hopefully to your 9:05AM class on time.


Here’s to making that morning walk/ride a little bit more bearable.

All these great songs *and more* are featured on my partyparty playlist on Spotify. Maybe forget that we have a whole week until the weekend when we can partyparty again?

See ya in a bit, xxoo

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