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Go ahead and ask me: where’d you get that so cheap?


There is absolutely nothing that annoys me more than spending a ton (read: your entire paycheck) on makeup and then not being satisfied with the product.

When Too Faced came out with their Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, I wanted to die. What could be better than smelling like chocolate??? Nothing, that’s what. But for someone who is permanently pale, spending $30 on a Bronzer was kind of a dumb idea.

Regardless, I love trying new products however I hatehatehate paying their ridiculous prices. I wanted to try out this bronzer in the worst way. Could it warm up my cheek bones and contour my nose?


I bet you’re wondering: “Is there even a way to get these products cheaper?”

Yes. Soooooooo, I did a little back door dealing, sold my soul, talked to plants and looked around online and in stores and do you know what I found? I found this little holy grail in a rightinfrontofyourfaceplace that most people aren’t even aware of…


Freaking Macy’s.

Macy’s does freaking gift sets where you can get travel sizes of a few products for DIRT CHEAP.

(Disclaimer: these exact Too Faced and tarte gift sets are no longer available on, however they may resurface again and there are many other gift sets by these brands still available.)

For about $25 dollars –most gift sets cost between $22 and $30-, I bought a Too Faced gift set that contained a travel sized Chocolate Soleil Bronzer that also came with this teeny tiny adorable lemon-smelling lippie. Though I found that the lippie wasn’t my best color, I learned that I loved the formula and would definitely purchase it in a full size in a different color. As for the bronzer, it’s been a crap-ton of months since I have made this purchase and I haven’t even hit pan yet. *Mind you, I use this travel sized product every day to contour and warm up my face.*

A different gift set containing the Chocolate Soleil can be found here at Ulta for only $18 !

Again, also from Macy’s I tried a tarte gift set and fell in love. This gift set is where I found my new favorite setting powder (which is totally worth $35) and mascara. But, the set didn’t stop there. It also contained an adorable sized creamy matte lip paint as well as a travel sized blush.

Finally draining my makeup allowance, I topped my cart off by adding a Smashbox Try It Kit: Primer Authority set. This set came with primer water, shadow primer, under-eye primer, and a finishing foundation primer for only $29 dollars. And the best part: this deal is still available online at Macy’s!!!3500943_fpxGift sets are an amazing (and super affordable) way to try out new products and see how they look on you, react with your skin & other makeup 3427062_fpxbefore you make that big commitment and purchase the full sized product.





Moral of the story:

Shop around before you head on down to Sephora and drop hundreds of dollars on products that you might not even like. Get the travel sizes of new products first, and always check Macy’s or other department stores (Kohl‘s, TJ Maxx, and Ulta) for their gift sets and kits.

(***the images featured in this post are not mine and were taken from Macy’s website at thanks for the pics!)

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