Best Palettes for the Best Price !

Yeah, so I want to throw some crazy colors on my eyelids without emptying my wallet.

Because that’s what we do as makeup addicts, but it’s totally normal in our world. So here’s how to save:


1. BH Cosmetics – BH Cosmetics is an awesome cruelty-free brand with over 50 vegan products. At BH Cosmetics, you can buy a super-pigmented 120 color eye shadow palette for only $16. Talk about a deal!

2. NYX – NYX Cosmetics is a great brand that you can pick up at your local Target or Drugstore and has well formulated products and palettes. Eye shadows palettes from NYX can range anywhere from $35 – $7.50. But, in that $35 palette, not only do get a wide range of eye shadows, it includes everything from blushes, to bronzers, to highlight and contour powders, to even lip glosses.

And again, this brand is 100% cruelty free && certified and acknowledged by PETA (:

3. Colourpop a popular brand with some crazy eye shadow colors has not palettes but value sets and #collections where you can purchase 4 LARGE (and extremely pigmented) single eye shadows for $18.

One other great thing about Colourpop, if you only *love* a single shadow, you can buy it separately for only $6.

Again, 100% cruelty free brand!

4. Morphe – You’ve probably heard every Youtuber (Manny MUA, Jeffree Star, NikkieTutorials) talk about Morphe Brushes, and you’ve probably seen their palettes circulating on Twitter. But, did you know how affordable their palettes really are? Their palettes range from $9.99 to $43.99, but are sworn by some of the top makeup artists.

I know, $43.99 is a lot of money (to me atleast), so maybe I’ll throw this on my Christmas List @Santa. However, it does contain TWO palettes, a 35 eye shadow matte palette and a 35 eye shadow shimmer palette.       …..So a good amount of money, but a great amount of product.

Also, they have a *VEGAN* line.

5. And last, but certainly not least: E.l.f. Cosmetics – I know what you’re thinking: “Girl, I see E.l.f. at my rinky dink grocery store.”

Yes, I know.

But, for real, some of the best (and cheapest) makeup and brushes I own have been from E.l.f. Cosmetics. Their palettes range anywhere from $6 (!!!!!) to $22, and some of those palettes include anything from strip eyelashes to setting spray.

One more time, an awesome cruelty-free brand.

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