I really don’t know what I’m doing, but here’s how to contour

I swear. You can look like Kim K without actually being Kim K.

Despite the contrary belief, contouring is not hard at all.

Disclaimer: I AM NOT A MAKEUP ARTIST OR BEAUTY GURU. But my makeup does come out pretty good though… {hair flip emoji}

You just have to:

(1) know your angles & know what features you’re trying to highlight and those that you’d prefer to minimize

(2) cream contour!!!!

(3) grab a beauty blender because unless you’re a pro it’s v difficult to use a brush [and PS. pros use beauty blenders].

1) I am not the biggest fan of my nose (no pun intended) so it’s a feature that I would prefer to minimize. So, if you’re like me and want to chisel that nose, I recommend a set of parallel lines in a dark contour color, separated by a light beige contour color along the bridge of your nose in the center. The closer the darker lines, the smaller your nose will appear.

1a) When I’m contouring, I like to sharpen up my cheekbones and jawbones as well. I feel like *for some reason* this technique makes my lips stand out a little bit more [again, idk what I’m doing]. And my lips are definitely a feature I would like to highlight. To contour my cheeks, I make a kissy face and ever-so-slightly above my natural cheek bone indentation, I make a dark line. Then blend in an upward motion, never down because that will ruin the illusion of the definition. The lighter colors in the palette go in an awkward triangle underneath your eyes, in a dab on your chin, and underneath that brown line we made to chisel our cheeks.

1b) As I had mentioned in (1a), ya girl likes to carve out her jawline. This is probably the easiest feature to contour. Dark line around your jaw and blend it into your neck. Easy peasy. Just make sure your contour palette had the right undertones which leads me into my next point….

2) Trust me on this even if your trust me on nothing else… Get a cream contour kit. I promise it’s worth the $$$. I sometimes use the lighter colors in my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit (shade Light) as a concealer and I use the pinky shade as a cream blush. Dual power, baby!

2a) There are more shades of cream kits than there are of contour powder kits.

2b) It’s unimaginably easy to blend with your damp beauty blender. Powder, not so much. Once you put powder in its place, it’s kind of stuck there.

3) If you get a $20 beauty blender… [insert gif of someone rolling their eyes]. Go to your local TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or WalMart and pick up a “beauty blender” or a “beauty sponge” for $4>.

Need some more help? Check out my tutorial where I show you how I throw it all together!

Happy contouring, xo!

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