Instead of Coffee in the AM, Try This!

How I wake myself up without coffee in the morning


This is the best kept secret that is the answer to problem every minor health problem you’ll ever have.


I drink an 8oz glass of water before my feet even touch the ground. I get a glass of water ready and sitting on my night stand before I fall asleep so that as soon as my eyes open up when the rooster crows, I am starting my day off with proper *hydration* to wake me up!


This isn’t one of those tips that will just work for me. There is ~science~ behind it, too!

The Top Executives from Business Insider rave about it’s benefits: it re-hydrates your body (duh), it increases your level of awareness (yes pls), helps fuel your brain to increase productivity (yaass), flushes out toxins and boosts your immune system (amazing), AND it jump starts your metabolism (bikini season, amirite?).

And I’m not sure how many of you still use your AOL mail (tbt to AIM), but a news article started circulating on their homepage last month and they cited Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and validating every praise that Business Insider sang.


So listen to me (and the professionals), drink water when you wake.

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