LOL- so you forgot a costume, too?

Who else is a last-minute procrastinator that hates themselves because they’re never prepared?

Oh, wait. Only me? K, cool.

If there’s anyone else out there that just doesn’t want to admit how much of a *lazy bum* they are and is totally unprepared for this Halloween or didn’t have an extra $100 dollars to drop on four-nights worth of costumes, this post is for you:

You would seriously be incredibly surprised with the amount of *costumes* or *characters* that you could pull off with what’s in your closet or already in your makeup bag.

So, if you haven’t figured out who you want to be on October 31st or if you exhausted all of your options this past Thursday – Saturday…

This post is just for you. Some of my favorite (easy and affordable) makeup looks that will transform you into whoever you need to be tomorrow night:


For the girl who forgot to get her plastic fangs and fake blood:

SO, I added this video first because I can vouch for how amazing this tutorial works out. I had a costume that fell apart over the weekend and needed something FAST. I decided within literally 10 minutes that I would be VaMpY… only downside- I had no fake blood. Jessica Green shows you how to **flawlessly**  create the look of blood (or vampire bites) with black pencil liner, dark eye shadow, and red lipstick. A SERIOUS 5 MINUTE COSTUME.


For the girl who wants a great face for the ‘gram:

I tried out a similar makeup look last Halloween because I literally decided I was going to celebrate juuust as my friends were leaving. I seriously wish I had watched this video and given myself some guide lines because I feel like I would have done suuuch a better job and maybe posted a pic on the gram.


For the girl who doesn’t care about the clown sightings:

Unfortunately, I did care about the clown sightings. Jk, my roommates told me I couldn’t do this look because of the clown sightings. But in all seriousness, you best believe that next Halloween or the next costume/clown party/birthday party I go to, that I will be rocking this look in a *pink* variation. You can do this look in literally any color that suits your fancy. And plus, crazy is still cute right? Just ask Harley Quinn.

Omg. Side note: saw wayyyyyy too many Harley Quinn’s this year and I am very much over it. Sorry y’all.


For the girl who pretends she isn’t afraid of bugs:

I seriously think the purple lip makes the look but would have really loved to see more of the web on her face for that really spidey effect. This look is seriously for every girl out there who lies to herself: “I hate Halloween. It’s so dumb. I’m not wasting money on a costume.” But finds herself ripping through her closet 7 minutes before the Uber arrives because her roommates  won’t let her come out without a costume. THROW ON A BLACK SHIRT AND BLACK PANTS, SLAP THIS ON YOUR FACE AND GURL YOU ARE GOOD TO GO.


For all my *BASICS* out there:

At one point in their life, every girl will be a black cat. Much love to all my basic, little pumpkin spices.


But seriously, try not to be a black cat or Harley Quinn. Too much competition. xo.

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