OoPs, I DiD iT AgAiN

Do you have allergies? Because I do.

Something really important for all us makeup junkies out there *especially those of us with sensitive skin and topical allergens* is to read the labels and the fine print.

Oops. Guess who forgot to check the labels when she bought a new eye shadow palette.


Hashtag whoops. Britney, I did it again.

As someone who has tons of allergies [the list grows just about every other day], I thoroughly appreciate when brands and companies share their ingredients to their products on their websites and labels.

For example, if a product contains almond oil, ya gurl needs to know.

I know, as a part of this community, that we always *only* think of the amazing things that makeup can do for our self confidence, creativity and a whole slew of other positive feelings correlating to our love for makeup however, I know it’s difficult to think about the negatives. It’s really important to remember to think about whats going into these products that we’re putting on our face and around our eyes.

If you know that you have a food allergen, it can’t hurt to check the products you use to see if they could possibly give you a reaction. Like what I should have done. I could kick myself.

This past week, I decided to play around with a new eye shadow palette I picked up for dirt cheap. All I wanted to do was to create a cute lil tutorial for y’all but this is what happened instead… I won’t release the name of said palette because I personally would not want to create any negative bias surrounding it. Just know that the product contained an allergen of mine that I was not aware of and solicited this incredible reaction from my face.

And that was only day one. So to help, I abstained from wearing makeup for about a week. I know, bless my soul, right? I looked like a “rag-a-muffin” and that’s a full on quote from my gram. And when your gram tells you that you look subpar… honey, you know you look B-A-D.

So after a week went by, my eyes continued to get worse and more swollen (I know, how could they get worse, but believe me they did).

So, I went to my doctor (bless up) who told me to take some Benadryl and I’d be good as new and to avoid my allergens… duh. And what do ya know, I am better and my eyes are back in their place! But, like I said, this *awesome* reaction could have totally been avoided had I looked at the ingredients of the shadows and pigments before I rushed to toss them on my lids.

Moral of the story: don’t be silly and check what’s in the product before you throw it on your naked face or you could end up looking like your face is about to explode!

*happy hunting!* xxoo

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