Splurge or Save: Kylie Lip Kit

So do you really need to spend 29 dollars on a liquid lipstick?

I think I’ve made it pretty clear in some of my previous posts that [NO] you don’t need to spend your whole cash flow on Kylie’s cosmetics to achieve some super matte lips.

I mean, people were complimenting me on a lipstick that was literally 1/3 of the cost. Like hello, save your money peeps.

But in this little diary of a drugstore dupe of mine, I will tell you about my thoughts on a $17 Kylie Lipstick and I will also tell you that if you’ve got (tons of) extra cash around {or maybe for the holiday season of giving} I do recommend participating in the Kylie empire.

Hear me out.

Soooooooo, I purchased the Kylie’s True Brown K when I reviewed her lipgloss and I was honestly kind of skeptical when I first applied it to my lips. I’ve seen enough videos to know about how these look wet vs dry.

It was dark.

I had chosen one of her darker yet more wearable colors to purchase because I figured that it would be the best and most obvious to compare should it smudge, rub off, or bleed. And let me tell you… there was nononono bleeding once that sucker dries.

I did find that on the inner part of my lips it was difficult to apply to as well as keep in there when it was applied. It almost fell off in little crumblies. But boy, did the rest of it stay on.

And Kylie’s Kit didn’t dry my lips out. Fell just like my natural lip skin all day, so much so that I forgot that I was wearing such a dark color and would scare myself every time I looked in the mirror.


If you’re not used to wearing or applying heavy makeup, her liquid lip is NOT something I would recommend you or for someone who sports the *natural* look. However if you’ve been around the block and know the difference between an eyelash comb and an eyebrow wand I would highly recommend her more natural shades for your “natural” looks. We all know it ain’t natural, Sheila.

Anyways, the formula is actually pretty great. I have to give it to our girl Kylie, her product is the bomb.

Only two complaints here girlfriend: 1) tell us what’s in your product because homegirl has lots of allergies and 2) TELL US HOW TO GET THIS STUFF OFF BECAUSE DANG IS IT LONGWEARING.

All in all, definitely splurge if you got some extra cash or a birthday coming up, I reccomend giving some of your $$$ to Kylie Cosmetics because homegirl knows whatsup. xxoo

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