WAIT! Is that a Kylie Lip Kit?

Are you wearing the Kylie Lip Kit?

We all know and love @Kylie Jenner.  Heck, I even have a whole post dedicated to just trying out her lip gloss. But her products and shipping are crazy expensive which may deter a lot of customers read: me (wait til she does another free shipping promo, save $10). Regardless, something happened this weekend, something hysterical that I really wanted to share with y’all.

People (girls, guys, self-proclaimed makeup gurus) were mistaking my $7 liquid lipstick as the KYLIE JENNER lipsticks.

My people: that’s a $14 difference!

With the $14 dollar difference you could potentially get 2 more liquid lipsticks, making it three for the price of one.

Oh, I’m guessing that you’re probably interested in the name of my wonderful, long-lasting, Kylie-looking liquid lipstick….

Nyx: Liquid Suede.

image from @depechegurl, xox
image from @depechegurl, xox

If you go to Nyx’s website, they have a large array of lip colors and formulas that can virtually fit any desire. The Liquid Suede line has over 500 reviews and 4.5 stars on their website, rating their 24 SHADES (shades that range from a natural mauve nude to a bright lilac lip). Personally, I love the Liquid Suede line. And apparently, so do all my friends.

I cannot count the amount of people that came up to me asking me if I was wearing a Kylie Lip Kit over the course of this past weekend.

That’s right. So go out to your local Target, Walmart, K-mart or literally any other drugstore and you can pick up a bunch of colors for an insanely cheap price. And I’m telling you to go to your local store, because at this moment: the whole line of Liquid Suede is sold out online because that’s how amazing it is.

Take a look at this video that Nyx had on their website. JUST LOOK AT THAT PIGMENT.

Maybe I’ll do another Splurge or Save to compare the Kylie Lip Kit and Nyx’s Liquid Suede to share my experience with all of you and you can see it for yourself. But until then, go get yourself some Lip Suede.

No seriously, go get one. Like yesterday.



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