Where have YOU been?

Hi friends! i’m baaack!

I bet you’ve been wondering why I have been MIA! Since my last post, the fall semester has ended, which means the class that I created this blog for is over, which renders this blog useless….

Haha, JK.

But instead of having this blog strictly dedicated to make up, I would like to maybe switch lanes a bit and turn this blog into a personal site with lots of information and more fun content written by yours truly. Because I think we all have the right to change our brand every now and again and… let’s be real: no one really knows what they’re doing. Let’s figure it out together.

I’m here to walk you through it, and share my *life* experiences with you.

Here’s to many more confusing thoughts, stories, experiences brought to you by yours truly.

Just know, “I’ll be there for you.”

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