who would have thought? (10 ways to save big)

“Who would have thought?”

here are some of my best (secret) tips.


  1. I promise you, you do not need a set of Mac brushes. Go out, go to your local ART SUPPLY STORE and pick up a bunch of soft bristle paint brushes. They are cheaper, softer, and wayyyyy easier to clean. Literally just save you $80 right there.

Yes. You heard correctly. I said paint brushes.

Or head on over to any place that sells E.l.f Cosemtics. Brushes start at $1 and go up to about $12, BOI. And trust me, they seriously work just as well as any other $40 clump of bristles that you would use. Promise.

Okay, #2… to clean those brushes you DO NOT need to get a brush cleaner. Oh, yes. I may have just ended my makeup up career before it even began. I repeat: you don’t need to spend $30 on a special makeup cleaner. Dove works just as well with luke-warm water.

Number THREE: please please please please don’t throw away the last bit of your products. Seriously. You wouldn’t believe how much money you are literally throwing away. Invest in a few very small (I’m talking doll-size) jars to scrape out what’s left of the product into. Cut open the top of the tube, or break open the container of foundation and squeeeeeze the rest of that baby out and give it some love.

(4) Um, so maybe this isn’t a super secret trick but everyone is always so surprised when I do my eye-shadow like this this that I’m going to share it as a secret hack anyway.Wet your brush.

&&&&5 wet your brush when you fill in your eyebrows (you can fill the girls in much more precisely) and and and also, fill in your brows with eye-shadow. Seriously, I don’t understand why brow products are sooo expensive. I’m not giving you my whole paycheck for a “brow pomade.” Sorry, Sephora. Still luv u tho. Wet your brush a bit, dip into an eye shadow (of your brow preference), and begin to fill in your brows. Just make sure it’s not a metallic shadow. *awkward*


Siete: Want your lipsticks to last longer? I’m sure you all *blot* to get that color lookin’ right, but next time don’t. #what #yes Don’t blot. Place a tissue over your perfectly lip-sticked lips, dip a large fluffy brush in loose powder and set that sucker. Less product used throughout the night means more product for you to use another day which means more money saved.

OCHO cinco  this tip can’t help you for a couple months (unless you decide to spray tan during the winter) but doooooon’t go out and buy a tanner foundation unless you plan on becoming 5 or 7 shades darker overnight. TAKE A MATTE BRONZER AND WARM UP YOUR CHEEKS AND FOREHEAD BEFORE YOU SET YOUR FOUNDATION. Seriously, this will get you as tan as your face needs to be and will look much better than your face ending up a little too dark for your body because you’re not at that level yet. If you feel like you’re not tan enough after you set your face, throw on some more bronzer.

9 is fine: want your eyelashes to grow (or look a little thicker, or maybe grow in a little bit darker). VASELINE. Vaseline when you go to bed, just try not to clump it up on the roots because you might get a stye and we all know those are not fun.

10 is the end: oh, did you also want to get some makeup wipes? Don’t. Vaseline. Seriously, throw a little on your face, over your eyes, and wash your face with a mild soap and your makeup will literally melt off.

When in doubt, buy Vaseline. xox

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